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About Our Business

Why Harmil Group?

The Harmil Group has the ability to take on calls coast to coast either as your preferred

 service provider or your backup service provider. The Harmil Group has the ability to have

 techs on site in remote areas, and under serviced regions throughout Canada. In major

 populated areas (the big 5) Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver the model

 of local service provider will work to an extent. There always needs to be back up provider to

 pick up the calls when a registered local service provider under performs, declines

 the work, or is too busy to take on multiple locations.


The Harmil Group carries 5 million named liability insurance, is an ISN approved 

vendor one of the highest levels of compliance required in the industry.

Why we are the preferred vendor for so many large operations’s

 based companies throughout Canada? 

Years of experience in the industry also allows us to fact find before we send

 a tech to make sure the right techs attend the call. We have same day service and

 a dispatch and follow up team that is a leader in the industry. 

When you call us, you get The Harmil Group, not a call centre. 

A dedicated staff member will take your call and handle it personally.

Contact with your team:

 Our 15/45 program ensures you get a response within 15 minutes of sending

 us a request and a follow up and booked time within 45 minutes of sending

 us your service work orders or request for quotes.

Contact with the client:

 The client / location staff is pleased to have a call from a service provider that knows

 the industry, knows the footprint of the location and will create a comfortable rapport

 with the client and management at the location. We can work within your internal dispatch portals or on larger platforms like Service Channel, Fixx Books etc. 


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